Our Services Include:


Client Consultations

Before embarking on a project, it’s a good idea to meet with a designer to review the project to discuss design possibilities. This is a great opportunity to see if there’s a good ‘fit’ between client and designer.

Budgetary Analysis

Renovations are costly. That’s why it makes sense to analyze budget against the design intent. At MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments, our comprehensive budgets reduce risk and take the guess work out of the construction stage of the design process.

Project Management

Once the project has been awarded to a General Contractor, we represent the client during that critical construction phase. During construction we ensure that design intent is maintained and any on-site issues are addressed in an efficient and timely manner.

Design Concept Development

Through the process of exploration, we define a style that is best suited to each project and client. We look at existing architectural details, client needs and budget. The result is a vision which becomes the foundation of the work that is about to unfold.

Procurement of Furniture, Fixtures and Artwork

We work with the client in creating that magic combination of colour, texture and shape that reflects lifestyle, taste and needs. By striking that delicate balance between furnishings, decorative fixtures and artwork, the space truly comes alive.

Signage Programs

From store-front signage that has instant market impact to way finding systems for multi-residential buildings, MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments design signage programs that are effective, imaginative and meet current code requirements.

Construction Drawings

Construction drawings convey design intent and are the legally binding agreement between owner and contractor. Well prepared and highly detailed drawings result in accurate quotes and reduce the risk of on-site surprises during construction.


Getting competitive quotes ensures that the client gets the best value at the fairest price. We execute the tendering process in a fair and professional manner, ensuring all submissions adhere to predetermined guidelines and protocols.

Permit Procurement

Renovating a large building? A building permit is required. MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments is a fully qualified firm that is registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing under the Ontario Building Code Large Buildings Classification, BCIN #42272.