Are You Ready to MAKE A CHANGE?

“OK, so here we are starting our project and looking for a designer. We want to do this right but where do we begin? There are so many unanswered questions! How will we know what’s right for us? What the heck do we know about design? Will we have choices? And how much is all of this going to cost us? I’m already stressed!  What we really need is a TRUSTED ADVISOR…”

“During our project with MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments, Principal Linda Makins displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. She has great communication, listening and organizational skills. She was very professional and we enjoyed working with her.”   Linda Liang, Property Manager Marina Del Rey Condominium Corporation


As skilled specialists in Condominium Common Area Refurbishments, MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments guides condominium corporations through renovations to lobbies, corridors and recreational facilities that make instant market impact with long term functionality.


At MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments our focus is on people and their relationship with the surrounding environment. Good office design promotes productivity, conveys professionalism and stimulates innovation. Good office design makes good business sense.


Creating the truly personal space takes time and patience. Together we will create that magic combination of colour, texture and form that reflects your lifestyle, your taste and your needs. Let MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments make your vision a reality.


At MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments we understand that stores must not only look great, they must enhance the client’s bottom line. Our ability to assess the customer’s needs and design in a way that enriches the brand has made us the ‘go-to’ retail design firm.

“MAKINSACHANGE Creative Environments worked with our Board of Directors and design committee and patiently explained the design process keeping them very involved during the design. The Board is very happy with the end result. Our 20 year old building’s lobby now looks great.” Tony Seljak, President Summerhill Property Management